Collapse Total Q&A

1. What is the purpose of this action? Why focus on a single company?

We understand that civil society must have its own plan of action to achieve the necessary emissions cuts, and no longer wait for governments and international institutions to act. Stopping the fossil industry is a global problem, so we need to coordinate our actions globally to achieve the needed impact.

Focusing on one company within a specific time frame, allows the climate justice movement and beyond to establish a joint initiative that tackles that company across different continents, nations, projects and interests, disrupting its operations.

Fossil capitalism is a global system with highly articulated components that allow for it to absorb local shocks and disruption with minor adaptation or cosmetic changes. It needs to be shocked and disrupted globally for to be a meaningful impact.

2. What kind of actions are you calling for?

We are calling for powerful, creative and compassionate direct actions and acts of non-cooperation, focusing on Total’s infrastructures around the world.

We invite you to read here point 5. of the Glasgow Agreement, regarding political and economic non-cooperation.

You can also read here regarding the advantage of focusing on infrastructures.

3. What can I do?

If you are an individual you can share the call with groups you are part of and within your networks; Write articles about Total; Share what others are doing (actions, campaigns, etc).

Can you help with design, with press contacts or finding funds for groups that need support? Let us know by email!

If you are an organization, join the call - mobilize a direct action to disrupt Total’s operations! Moreover, share the call within your network as well as the actions being carried out by other groups :)

4. Total isn’t present in my group’s territory. How can we join the call to action?

If Total does not operate in your territory you can still join the call by conducting direct action against another major company/infrastructure present in your territory :)

If you are part of Glasgow Agreement you might want to look to your territory’s inventory. In any case it should not be difficult to find fossil industry infrastructure in your area.

Note: In this case, please adapt your communication to “Collapse [company name], to avoid total collapse” or “Collapse [company name] before [company name] collapses us”.

5. My group is planning an action. Now what?


Did you subscribe the call? Please do!

Is your action publicly announced? Share it with us so we can add it to the website and share with all the other groups!

Is your action outside of the days of action (November 15th to 22nd)? Let us know through secure channels when it will take place.

Can you write an article about why we need to collapse total to avoid total collapse? If so please do and share it with us!

Please see how to coordinate your communication below!

6. Is there any coordination of communication and mobilization materials?


Social Media

In all posts you make about the action – announcing your mobilization, the run up to the action, the action itself… – please always include the action hashtags!



#CollapseTotal (#CollapseShell / #CollapseBP / ….) to avoid #TotalCollapse

#CollapseTotal v. #TotalCollapse

This way we all can share with each other what are we doing and boost each other!

Note: whenever you feel safe, also directly tag Total the company -> @TotalEnergies

We will compile all actions in Glasgow Agreement social media (if any information is missing, let us know!).

Mobi Materials and Action Materials

Each action will be adapted to local context resulting in a diversity of actions. To show that we are all united have at least one banner with “Collapse Total” and “Glasgow Agreement” in your action. This can be the logo or the sentence “Collapse Total to Avoid Total Collapse”.

If you want to, you can also have flags and stickers with Collapse Total and/or Glasgow Agreement. Soon we will have documents available to be printed.

You can find the logos and images here.

Action Photos and Videos

Please send us around 3 photos of your action and a short video within 24 hours of your action.

We will make a wrap up video with all actions and add the photos to the website.


We will send international press releases about the actions. If you/your group have international press contacts, please help us boost Collapse Total and share broadly the actions that will happen. Contact us by email.

All local/regional press will be covered by each organization. We would like it if you could forward us any press release you send related to Collapse Total.

Email: | PGP public key

Articles, Reports and Information

Did you/your group write an article about Total or release a report about its impacts? Are you fighting against a new project of Total that is not well known but should be? Share it with us so we can share with everyone!

7. What kind of support is available?

The Glasgow Agreement is as great as the effort contributed by its member organizations.

Currently we do not provide financial support for actions - If you are unaware of any funds that can support you, we can send you information to help you find this.

If you need to connect with other groups: i) from your territory; ii) that are working in similar subjects; iii) to conduct an action in solidarity; we can help you make these connections!

If you have any requests please tell us by email and we will find out if any other member organization can address this for you!