Collapse Total - Materials

Whenever you are targetting Total or other Fossil Fuel Multinational we invite you to use the following hashtags and key messages


In all posts you make about the action – announcing your mobilization, the run up to the action, the action itself… – please always include the action hashtags!



#CollapseTotal (#CollapseShell / #CollapseBP / … ) to avoid #TotalCollapse

#CollapseTotal v. #TotalCollapse

Tag Total!

Whenever you feel safe, directly tag Total company! @TotalEnergies

Use the Key Messages

We need to collapse Total to avoid total collapse.

We can not stand by and watch history, we have to create our history.

They never stopped. They never will. Unless we make them.

Logos and Images

Here you can find logos and images that you can use.

Are you producing any material? Please send them to so we can add these to the website for others to use.

Banners and Flags

Each action will be adapted to local context resulting in a diversity of actions. To show that we are all united have at least 1 banner with “Collapse Total” in your action. This can be the logo or the sentence “Collapse Total to Avoid Total Collapse”.

You can also have flags with the Collapse Total or Glasgow Agreement logos. You can print them, paint them or use stencils. Material available here.

Stickers and Stencils

Here you can find the logo in suitable formats for stickers and stencils.

Share your Action

  • Share the action in advanced!
    If your action is publicly announced share it with us so we can add it to the website and share with all the other groups!

  • Do lives of your action!
    Share the live to glasgow agreement social media when it’s happening so we can share it and amplify! if possible send an alert to us 3hours before it starts so we can be ready :)

  • Send the action photos and videos on the day!
    Please send to around 3 photos of your action and a short video within 24 hours of your action.
    We will do a wrap up video with all actions and add the photos to the website.

  • Don’t forget to put the hashtags in all posts on social media about the action!

  • Share the articles and news!
    Send to us (email or social media) all articles and news that are published about your action.

We will compile all the actions in Glasgow Agreement social media (if any information is missing, let us know!).

Articles, Reports and Information

Did you or your group write an article about Total or publish a report about its impacts?

Can you write about a fight your group is having with Total Energies?

Do you want to write an op-ed about why we need to collapse Total to avoid total collapse, and publish it during the week of action?

If so, share this with us so we can share with everyone!


We will send international press releases. If you or your group have international press contacts, please help us boost Collapse Total and broadly share the actions that will happen. Please contact us by email.

All local and regional press should be covered by each organization.

Please forward to us any press release you send related to Collapse Total.

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