The Great Climate Justice Caravan

The climate crisis is upon us. Never like today has it been more clear that the world in which modern societies were built upon no longer exists. Climate change is Humanity’s defning moment: this is the moment where everything will change, starting from individuals to our societies down to the core of our economic, political systems. Either we change everything, or an unyielding climate will change everything against us.

Its time to hit the road.

It is quite possible to stop climate collapse, according to science. It is also the greatest task ever posed on any generation of living people on this planet. We need to do it now. Governments, international institutions, private companies, multinational corporations and fnancial institutions are too hardwired into the maintenance of capitalism to be the vehicle of this change. So all initiatives to stop this crisis have failed repeatedly, as the situation worsens. But the people, social movements and popular organisations are the key tool for the system change we have been talking about for so many years.

In 2022, we will hit the road. The Glasgow Agreement - a global platform of grassroots and climate justice movements and associations in all continents - calls on the decentralized organisation of caravans, to affrm a new spring of the peoples. We will march through valleys and mountains, in every continent, to directly connect with communities stricken by the climate crisis in its many aspects – from droughts, foods, forest fres, sea level rise, biodiversity collapse, water degradation, to conficts and migration – and to confront the makers of this existential crisis. We will hit the road for two weeks to one month, addressing the main issues and confronting the main polluters in territories around the globe.

This global caravan will take different formats, adjusting to each territories' characteristics, movements and struggles. We want to be there, where the climate crisis is most acutely felt, with the protectors of territories, water, soils, forests, animals, with the protectors of life and the people. We want to build climate justice in the frontlines, and we want to challenge the death merchants of capitalism – fossil, industrial, extractivist, or whichever cover it is painting itself with there. We will mark in our paths some of the highest emitting infrastructures in our territories – oil and gas wells, mines, refneries, ports, coal and gas power stations, cement and paper companies, steel, chemical, intensive agriculture and livestock rearing. We will also point out environmental destruction, forest clearing and destruction, ecosystem degradation and the destruction of people’s livelihoods.

The only way to win the struggle for climate justice, the struggle for a future, is hitting the road and creating a common story, a common history with the communities who have been in this struggle for a long time. To talk about climate justice in the concrete struggles in each territory. To stop climate chaos, we need a movement bigger and stronger than the world has ever seen, stronger than this fragile system has ever experienced. We need a popular and effective movement, active and engaged in building a future for Humanity and the Earth System.

Its time to hit the road.

We will march to fnd others as well as ourselves, to strengthen our resolve, to engage ourselves everfurther in the struggle for our lives. We need to build our bridges, to build our alliances, to know our strengths and our resolve. We call on all movements and organisations committed to social, historical and climate justice to heed this call and march with us, to travel on foot through the neighborhoods, the rural areas, the villages and the slums, to engage with the communities in the frontlines of the permanent crises of this system. We call on all movements and organisations to go to the physical source of the climate crisis – the fume-expelling factories and machines whose continuation mean our collective demise.

We call on all movements and organisations to hit the road.

We need to win for civilization to survive and fourish! Join us in the Great Climate Justice Caravan!